The Dewings
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Don and Teleka Dewing have served the Lord with Midwest Indian Mission out of Crandon, WI, since 1974. Don currently pastors Lake Lucerne Gospel Chapel as well as being the Director. Teleka does all of the treasury work and is involved in the everyday operation of the mission.

Richard and Cheryl Jensen lead the Waba-Nun-Nung Gospel Chapel and also have a food pantry for the community.  

Adam and Jennifer Dewing and their 11 children lead the Sunnyside Community Church.  

Benjamin and Ashley Dewing and their three children run the youth ministry for the mission.

Micah and Michelle Dewing run the New Hope Shelter & Transitional Housing.  

Dewing Family Photo

The Tiners
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Tim and Mary Lou Tiner have serving in Austria for over 20 years. They first worked in Salzburg and more recently, just outside of Vienna. Then the Lord broadened the focus of their ministry, and the Tiners joined in partnership with Arab4Jesus. They traveled to many Arab speaking countries, conducting leadership training and marriage seminars. Their ministry to Arab speakers also included teaching and training in Arab Churches in Vienna and other parts of Europe.

Tim, a gifted teacher, is passionate about leadership training and church development. Over the years he has trained a number of Austrian men who are now actively serving the Austrian church. Some have planted new churches, others are pastoring existing churches or serving as key lay leaders in different areas of Europe. The Tiners have also planted a network of small house churches in Vienna.

From a very young age, the Lord was working in Tim's life, preparing him for ministry. His call to full-time ministry was quite clear, even as a child. Having accepted Christ in his mom's Good News Club, Tim's life centered on the church and ministry. The Lord has gifted Tim for the unique needs of Austria and Beyond through his experiences serving on staff with Youth For Christ, at Christian camps, through music ministries, and finally as a pastor in California and Kansas.

The creative force behind many aspects of the Tiners' ministry has been Mary Lou. She uses her gift of songwriting to communicate her love for Jesus, both in German and English. Mary Lou also uses her talents by writing poetry, articles and teaching materials. Mary Lou came to faith while still young and benefited significantly from her church, which placed a great emphasis on missions. In addition to being a mom, Mary Lou enjoys working with women and speaking at women's meetings. Tim and Mary Lou also conduct Marriage and Family Seminars.

One of the greatest blessings the Tiners share is the joy of ministering as a team. Each one of their five children has been actively involved in the family's concert ministry. The family has traveled all over Europe using music as a vehicle to share the gospel. Their children: Julianne, Joshua, Janna, Josiah, and Josef.  

The Tiners are now leading International Training Institutes all over the wolrd. Network Beyond has developed a highly interactive and relational training curriculum designed to equip global leaders.  The International Training Institute (ITI) works through a model that enables leaders to remain with their families rather than endure lengthy separations common with most traditional residence programs. This approach is both efficient and affordable.  In addition to the curriculum, the training is highly relational, providing times of prayer and interaction.  Best of all, it multiplies and is spreading.  Through ITI, we want to engage the hearts, minds, and lives of each participant.

Business Model Missions

We also support a couple who finds business leaders willing to start business in countries hostile to Christianity and hire Muslims and non-believers and then demonstrate the love of Christ to them.

Tinjau Sinukaban
Tinjau Sinukaban

Tinjau Sinukaban is pastor of Sehati Church and School in Batam, Indonesia.  He is a recent widower, seen in the photo with his wife Dewi.  Together, they and their two daughters run an excellent school and have expanded to another island as well.