Bible Studies

We take the Bible very literally and our Bible studies and classes reflect that approach. Anyone is welcome to any of these studies. Click on the red ones for more information.

We have other studies that are topical or on and off. Please contact the church if you have any questions or want to get into a Bible study.

Mondays, 2:00 - 3:00 pm: Currently studying Colossians

Wednesdays, 6:30 - 7:30 pm: Prayer Meeting.  Third Wednesdays have a meal beforehand

Thursdays, 9:30 - 11:00 am: Currently studying 3 John

1st, 3rd, 5th Thursdays, 6:30 pm: Women's Bible Study Currently studying Jeremiah

Thursdays, 7:30 - 9:00 am: Men's Bible Study and breakfast Currently studying The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis

Below you'll find the resources for our systematic theology class.

Overview of the Systematic Theology Class

Systematic Theology is taught using the eight volumes of Dr. Lewis Sperry Chafer. These are still available in print for $100 new. Below are study guides and handouts from the text and the class. It is not necessary to have the books or do the study guides to be in the class.

The class hopes to start again in January of 2022, at 9:00 am on Sundays. It is a progressive class, but each new unit can stand on its own and newcomers are always welcome.

To the left you can click on the buttons to find all the Review Guides for the class, and also some class handouts and outlines. All are in a standard format (either .doc or .pdf) and the link to the right of each one is the Libreoffice format which is usually a little more user-friendly, but you must download and install Libreoffice to use the LibreOffice files. Most of the files listed below are available in this archived format (a 7.5MB file, it takes 1 minute to download via DSL). If this doesn't work, email us and we'll get you something that does.

Basic Outline [click here for Libreoffice format]

Full Spreadsheet Outline [Libreoffice format]

Complete List of Handouts (PDF file)

List of Special Handouts Only (PDF file)

Review 01 Preface [click here for Libreoffice format]

Review 02 Prolegomena [Libreoffice format]

Review 03 Bibliology Intro [Libreoffice format]

Review 04 Bibliology Pt 2 [Libreoffice format]

Review 05 Bibliology Pt 3 [Libreoffice format]

Unit 1 Assignment (PDF file)

Review 06 Theology Proper Pt 1 [Libreoffice format]

Verses that speak of divine creation [Libreoffice format]

Review 07 Theology Proper Pt 2 [Libreoffice format]

Review 08 Theology Proper Pt 3 [Libreoffice format]

Unit 2 Assignment (PDF file)

Review 09 Trinitarianism Pt 1 [Libreoffice format]

Attributes of God in the Trinity [Libreoffice format]

Works of God in the Trinity [Libreoffice format]

Review 10 Trinitarianism Pt 2 [Libreoffice format]

Divine Attributes and Prerogatives of Christ [Libreoffice format]

Human Limitations of Christ [Libreoffice format]

Review 11 Trinitarianism Pt 3 [Libreoffice format]

Review 12 Angelology Pt 1 [Libreoffice format]

Review 13 Satanology Pt 1 [Libreoffice format]

Review 14 Satanology Pt 2 [Libreoffice format]

The Cosmos [Libreoffice format]

Review 15 Anthropology Pt 1 [Libreoffice format]

Di or Trichotomy [Libreoffice format]

Review 16 Anthropology Pt 2 [Libreoffice format]

Review 17 Anthropology Pt 3 [Libreoffice format]

Review 18 Anthropology Pt 4 [Libreoffice format]

Review 19 Anthropology Pt 5 [Libreoffice format]

Sin in the World [Libreoffice format]

Review 20 Soteriology Pt 1 [Libreoffice format]

Review 21 Soteriology Pt 2 [Libreoffice format]

Review 22 Soteriology Pt 3 [Libreoffice format]

Death of Christ according to various Scriptures [Libreoffice format]

Review 23 Soteriology Pt 4 [Libreoffice format]

Review 24 Soteriology Pt 5 [Libreoffice format]

Review 25 Soteriology Pt 6 [Libreoffice format]

Eternal Security of the Believer [Libreoffice format]

Review 26 Soteriology Pt 7 [Libreoffice format]

Review 27 Ecclesiology Pt 1 [Libreoffice format]

Questions for One believing Church continues Israel [Libreoffice format]

Review 28 Ecclesiology Pt 2 [Libreoffice format]

Review 29 Ecclesiology Pt 3 [Libreoffice format]

Review 30 Ecclesiology Pt 4 [Libreoffice format]

References to the Local Church [Libreoffice format]

Scriptures Bearing On the Kingdom [Libreoffice format]

Review 31 Ecclesiology Pt 5 [Libreoffice format]

10 Commandments in Grace Teachings.doc [Libreoffice format]

Review 32 Eschatology Pt 1 [Libreoffice format]

History of Chiliasm [Libreoffice format]

The Prophet's Power [Libreoffice format]

Review 33 Eschatology Pt 2 [Libreoffice format]

Genesis and Revelation [Libreoffice format]

Review 34 Eschatology Pt 3 [Libreoffice format]

Review 35 Eschatology Pt 4 [Libreoffice format]

Predicted Events In Their Order.doc [Libreoffice format]

Predicted Events Cards.pdf (pdf file) [Libreoffice format]

The Creatures of God Who Enter the Eternal State [Libreoffice format]

Review 36 Christology Pt 1 [Libreoffice format]

Christological Typology [Libreoffice format]

Review 37 Christology Pt 2 [Libreoffice format]

Review 38 Christology Pt 3 [Libreoffice format]

The Sermon On the Mount [Libreoffice format]

The Olivet Discourse [Libreoffice format]

Parables, Special Teachings, and Conversations of Christ.doc [Libreoffice format]

Review 39 Christology Pt 4 [Libreoffice format]

Seven Salient Facts Respecting Christ's Suffering and Death [Libreoffice format]

Review 40 Christology Pt 5 [Libreoffice format]

Review 41 Christology Pt 6 [Libreoffice format]

Transforming Events Between Dispensations [Libreoffice format]

Review 42 Pneumatology Pt 1 [Libreoffice format]

Review 43 Pneumatology Pt 2 [Libreoffice format]

Review 44 Pneumatology Pt 3 [Libreoffice format]

Review 45 Pneumatology Pt 4 [Libreoffice format]

Review 46 Pneumatology Pt 5 [Libreoffice format]

Review 47 Pneumatology Pt 6 [Libreoffice format]

Romans 678 Expounded [Libreoffice format]

Spiritual Practical Advice [Libreoffice format]